Tips to Keep Your Poly Tarps Safe

Poly tarps or polyethylene tarpaulins are considered to be the workhorse among tarpaulins. You see them everywhere – on rooftops, in the garden, farms or in workshops and industrial yards. To most people, poly carps are synonymous with the commonly seen blue tarpaulin sheets. Truth is, poly tarps come in a variety of colors and thicknesses and the blue variety is very, very basic.

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The kind of poly tarp you need varies according to the use you intend it for. Some of these varieties are little more than thin plastic sheets while others are weaved with a lot of technological finesse to ensure that they are durable, strong and lasting.

If you want to buy poly tarps that weather well and give you many years of use, it is recommended that you go for good quality poly tarps. These poly tarps use nylon chords and their sides are hemmed in to ensure that there are no loose fibers. The fabric is reasonably heavy. These tarps last long because they are UV resistant, fire retardant and rot and mildew resistant. Heavy duty poly tarps are thicker and have more reinforcements so that they can tolerate more stress. For instance, you will find that these tarps have more grommets so that stress is spread evenly. They have heavier threads and more cross weaves per inch. This ensures durability. These poly tarps are specially designed for tough outdoor use waterproof tarpaulin.

Typically, poly tarps are preferred to regular canvas tarps. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, poly tarps are lightweight. So they are easy to handle and compact when it comes to storage. Basic poly tarps cost lesser than canvas and being lighter, are easy to transport. These tarps are also water resistant and the UV resistant varieties are cheaper than canvas tarps. However, the greatest disadvantage of canvas tarps is the fact that these tend to expand in the heat and shrink when it gets cold. That is why poly tarps are so extensively used for outdoor activities and storage.

Poly tarps are generally very durable. However, you can extend their lifespan quite a bit if you take good care of them. When in use, poly tarps should be tied securely so that they are not flapping about all the time. If they are loose, these tarps may sag or tear. So, follow the installation instructions closely and make use of all the items that are provided with the kit. Periodic checks will let you know if the poly tarp needs to be adjusted in any way.

Another important thing is to use your poly tarps according to their make. For examples, using thin poly tarps as car covers is inadvisable. Thin sheets tend to stick to the car. Since they trap moisture, they can develop mildew and rot easily. Also, when you use poly tarps for storage of other items like a boat, it is important to see that the tarps are tied securely around the object. There should be no loose ends or sharp projections that cut into the tarps. Attach the tarp tightly and secure it snugly.

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