The Plus Sides of Dental Insurance

That monthly payment for dental insurance or a dental care plan might seem a waste for those with seemingly healthy teeth but when you consider how important it is to maintain a good dental care routine, including regular dental check ups and dental cleaning, dental insurance and care plans are generally well worth the money.

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Obviously you want to make sure your dental insurance company is offering you the best possible benefits for the most competitive price but then, like all insurance, when looking to take out dental insurance it is well worth shopping around.

A common human trait is to avoid or delay routine dental visits if the cost isn’t covered by a dental insurance policy emergency dental. When you consider the consequences of such actions dental insurance immediately appears a sound investment to make.

Gum disease can have very serious consequences if not caught in the early stages and is one of the leading causes for the loss of teeth. However, regular dental exams will enable your dentist to identify gum disease in its early stages thus limiting the damage to your teeth and gums. The fact that dental insurance policies offer you two dental exams per year will encourage you to make that all important visit.

Regular dental visits which are covered by dental insurance will also mean that dental cavities are detected at an earlier and more treatable stage and such things as oral cancer, which is a more common than you might think, can be identified and treated before you become another death statistic (oral cancer is perfectly treatable if caught in the early stages).

Poor dental care and lack of dental checkups can result in serious tooth decay, tooth extractions and a gummy smile. Dental insurance covers you for all or a majority of the costs associated with routine dental care but dental insurance does not tend to cover the high cost elements of recovering that perfect smile.

If you loose teeth your options under dental insurance will generally be far more restrictive than those if you are prepared to pay with most of the finer elements of cosmetic dentistry which tend to be excluded from dental insurance although you should still receive discounts for the cosmetic work under dental care plans. The far better and the cheapest option is to go for the regular routine dental visits that are funded through dental insurance!

If you are a smoker or regular tea / coffee drinker the odds are that over time your teeth will become discoloured and stained leaving you feeling self conscious that you no longer have a white smile. One way of helping to rectify years of such tooth ‘neglect’ is to look at teeth whitening an expensive cosmetic dentistry procedure which is unlikely to be covered by dental insurance. The other option is to make good use of dental insurance and visit the dental hygienist every six months. Regular professional cleaning will help reduce the impact of smoking and certain foods and drink which discolour your teeth.
On the face of it dental insurance just seems a lot of money for little reward but when you consider the health and cost consequences of dental neglect (check out the cost of dental implants, dental crowns and dental bridges to get an idea of how much you could be out of pocket!) the value of dental insurance becomes very clear.

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