5 Powerful Online Dating Safety Rules

It is not a new discovery that online dating safety is important. But often times while having fun with online dating 聊天, safety becomes a secondary priority as we get carried away and let our guard down.

As majority of people still think that females are mostly the targets for predators, the experience shows that these days online dating safety is equally important for men and women 香港相親網. Irrespective of your gender, read on my 5 powerful online safety tips and apply them every day. The following are my 5 rules for online dating safety, break them at your risk:

  1. Do not give away your home or your cell phone number until you have at least met in person. Some people mistakenly think that giving away your cell number rather than a home number is safer. Wrong. For only $14.99 anyone who has your cell phone number can use a reverse phone search service and find out your real name and the city you live (I did it myself once!) in and take it from there speed dating 收費. For additional $50 anyone can find out your exact address, history of your marriages, names of your kids, and places you worked up until current moment. Scared? You should be! Instead of giving away your phone number to your new online date, make a date in Starbucks that is at least 20 minutes away from your local neighborhood in the other part of the city. If your date can not make it, so what, you can try again.
  2. If after talking to someone online you would describe your online date to your friend as “weird”, most likely you should be double careful. Trust your intuition and do not make any excuses why you might have though that person was weird. Its nice to give a benefit of the doubt to people who you are close with, but according to online dating safety rules “weird” means red flag.
  3. Beware of married people. If you are looking for single dating online, safety rules say, make sure your potential date does not have a potential child support payment if you hit it off. Besides, you don’t want to deal with a crazed spouse when your online date makes a few wrong turns and get busted. If your new online date refuses to spend time on the weekend, most likely he or she is not single.
  4. Do not be fooled by dating sites that claim all of their members go through a background check. There is no guarantee the members provided accurate info. And in some cases, background checks should be done only by authorized people and it cost money to do it properly.
  5. The most important thing, do not volunteer any information about your children. If question about kids arises, online dating safety rule is, you do not give away your kids names, ages, and which school they go to. Sure it is important for some people to know about kids when dating, but you should limit yourself to simple “Yes, I do have kid(s)” or “No, I don’t.” More details can be offered when you are moving to the next level with this person.

I am taking a risk to sound like your mother and repeat the same thing you heard million times, but online dating safety is very important and if not taken seriously; your life can turn into a nightmare. Be safe, and have fun with singles dating online!

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