Blogging For Business – Are You Doing It?

Most people have heard of blogging; lots do it. But plenty of businesses don’t realise just how useful a regularly updated blog can be, so here’s a quick explanation!

So why blog? What benefits will it have to your business? Well to start with, blogging for business is great for improving your search engine ranking. Updating the content regularly means the spiders keep visiting; they know your site is active and that improves your position in the rankings. You can also include plenty of important keywords in your blog posts to improve your position when people search for the services you offer. For example, this article is all about blogging for business; by including a few mentions of it and including “blogging for business” in the URL, it’s likely to score highly when people search for that term.

OK, so keeping an updated blog can improve your search engine ranking which pulls visitors in to your website – and blogging can also keep them coming back. Everyone coming to your site is a potential customer but they may not yet be ready to buy what you offer. If your website is static and nothing ever changes, they aren’t likely to come back again. If you have an informative and entertaining blog that they can take something from then they are more likely to bookmark you and come back regularly. They might even subscribe to your RSS feed so they can see when you update. The more they visit your website, the more they’ll get to know and trust you. Then it will be you that they come to when they want the service you are offering.

Another advantage of blogging for business is that you can engage with your customers in a way that static websites can’t. You can use your blog to introduce new products and services; talk about interesting projects you’ve worked on; give people a glimpse of the person behind the business; or comment on an interesting and relevant news story. Blogging gives your visitors the opportunity to comment and that opens up a conversation between you both, which helps the relationship develop even faster!

Blogging also helps you link up your website with any other social media marketing you’re doing. For example, when you blog you can announce it to the world via your Twitter or Facebook account and that will pull people into your website. You can use your blog articles in your e-newsletter pii_email_ca406694fa91d858906c . You can even post your blog articles on other websites, for example 4Networking or EzineArticles, and that will increase visitors too.

Is it worth your while setting up a blog. I suppose that depends on what you want a blog for. Many are happy just twittering or rambling on Facebook but many others want to go further and start a blog. It is a popular way to keep all your family and friends up to date with the latest in your life. It is somewhere to post all the latest baby photo’s or the pics from the holiday that you want to show off. You can write your news as it happens and all your family and friends will be kept up to date with where you are at. It gives you a little smug feeling of satisfaction too, knowing that you are part of that online community and have your own site out there with everyone else.

For a blog such as that all you will need is a free account at Blogger and you will be away. You can be up and running and live to the world in just a few minutes. It really is a great service. You can get a little more sophisticated with a free WordPress blog and likewise you can be live on the net in literally minutes. However, because WordPress has so many features you will want to play around a bit with different themes and get your blog site looking something unique. You can add lots of different widgets and plugins so that your blog can do just about anything you want. The only danger is that you will get carried away and have too many extra bits on your page so it becomes cluttered. However, that is your option and you can design your blog any way you wish.

This will keep you happy blogging forever unless you become hooked and decide to turn your blog into a business. Then all your blogging up to date will be wasted because you will need to take your blog onto your own domain so as to have free reign with advertising and promotions. WordPress has limitations with it’s free edition so you will run into trouble if you try and get too commercialized.

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