Everything You Need to Know About USS Arizona Tours

If you’re going on a Pearl Harbor tour, the one thing that you can’t miss are the USS Arizona tours. Though most visitors to Pearl harbor take the complete tour, a few tours exist that cater exclusively to tourists who only have a keen interest in visiting battleship memorials like the USS Missouri, the USS Arizona and the submarine USS Bowfin. Unlike the other two, the USS Arizona was largely destroyed and sunk in shallow waters in the exact place it was moored in during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The tours focus on the ship and its fabled history in the service of the US Navy.

The tours can be booked from one among the hundreds of tour operators that operate in Oahu, Hawaii. Most tour operators do not operate exclusive USS Arizona tours. This is because the USS Arizona memorial is at Pearl Harbor and any tour to Pearl Harbor would naturally involve seeing the whole place. If you’re a tourist with a lot of money to blow, you could probably fix yourself an exclusive tour to the USS Arizona, but it’s a serious waste of time if you’re visiting Pearl harbor only to see the USS Arizona.

There are many more locations you could visit while you’re on USS Arizona tours. Most tour operators combine visits to the USS Arizona Memorial with visits to the nearby Pacific Aviation Museum, the USS Bowfin and the USS Missouri that are on nearby Ford island. Getting to the USS Missouri involves travel by shuttle to Ford Island. You must keep in mind that visiting all the four spots of interest on a Pearl Harbor tour will cost kayaking cartagena you nearly $40 in admission costs. So you should count this as additional cost because most tour operators don’t include these charges in their packages.

There is a 40’s styled open air cafe at a spot between the USS Arizona and the USS Bowfin. This should be a great place to eat apart from the Cafeteria at the Pacific Aviation Museum. Backpacks and other gear that are capable of concealment are not allowed on to the memorial. So when are on the tour, remember to leave your luggage and backpacks at a storage facility run by a private company near the memorial. The most important thing to remember while going on the tours is that you’re on a visit to hallowed ground. So it’s best to be respectful to the famed heritage of the site.

While on the tour, you can also pick up Pearl harbor souvenirs and paraphernalia from the museum shops that can be found at all locations in Pearl harbor. It would definitely be great to have something to show off from your tour. But apart from the sheer fun, historical visits and great time you can have on the tour, the best thing you will take away are the memories of having visited a place that gave our country its greatest military loss as well as its greatest symbol of strength.

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