Resident Evil 3 Top 10 Tips

Resident Evil 3 Top 10 Tips

Resident Evil 3 is a survival horror game with long lasting appeal. Some people struggle to complete it, so here are my top ten tips for beating Nemesis and the zombies while having the best time possible.

1. Reload before 38 super ammo for sale  Entering Rooms

No doubt to some people this is an obvious point, but many players walk into a room full of zombies and find themselves holding an empty gun. This is definitely not a situation that you want to find yourselves in and can really spoil your day.

2. Run into the Next Room If You’re Outnumbered

There is no point in trying to fight a large number of enemies if it can be avoided. Even if you survive most likely you will end up low on health and use far more ammunition than you actually need to due to missed shots. Far better to leave the room, allow the monsters to reset, and return fully organized and ready to go.

3. Separate Enemies Where Possible

This really relates to the previous point that you should not buy too many enemies at one time. One way of achieving this is to take a snapshot that one particular enemy on the outside edge of the park and pull him and perhaps one or two others towards you. Fighting a small number of enemies like this might be slower but it is far safer and less likely to get you killed.

4. Listen to the Sounds When You Enter a Room

The sound effects in the game are quite diverse and each creature is its own signature noise. For example, the zombies issue a low groan and Cerebus growl like a dog (which is in fact what they are – sort of). Working out what enemies in a room by sound enables you to adjust your tactics according to the enemies you are fighting thus giving you a better chance of victory.

5. Drop Ink Ribbons into Item Boxes

Dropping ink ribbons Into item boxes will conserve inventory space. While this is hardly exciting you don’t get a lot of space in your inventory in resident evil three and making the most of it will enable you to carry far more useful stuff – like ammo!

6. Only Make Ammunition in Large Amounts

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